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27 Feb 2013

Avion Pharmaceuticals launches new iron supplement

A new iron supplement for women has been unveiled by US firm Avion Pharmaceuticals.

Avion Pharmaceuticals has announced the launch of a new prescription iron supplement called FeRiva.
The supplement, which contains 75 mg of elemental iron in two forms, is the latest addition to the Atlanta-based company's portfolio of healthcare products for women.

FeRiva makes use of Avion's patented inner-cap multi-compartment capsule technology. It contains Ferrochel (Ferrous Bis-glycinate Sulfate) and Ferronyl (Carbonyl Iron).

Mike Sullivan, vice president of sales and marketing at the company, said the product will fill "an important gap in the iron category by providing a smarter iron supplement that will help improve the absorption and bio-availability of iron while minimizing the GI side effects".

Avion chief executive Mark Pugh added: "Our goal is to provide products that deliver maximum benefit along the continuum of care in women's lives."

The introduction of FeRiva follows the firm's launch of Prenate Mini, a vitamin supplement designed for pregnant women, in July 2012.

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