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2 Aug 2011

Axxam and Polyphor to Form Research Partnership

Axxam Spa and Polyphor Ltd announce a joint discovery research project for the generation of GLP-1R modulators.

Italy's discovery company Axxam Spa and Swiss research firm Polyphor Ltd will collaborate in a three-year research project focused on the discovery and development of GLP-1R modulators for treating Type 2 diabetes.


The partnership will receive funding from the EU as part of the Eurostars Program, a joint initiative between EUREKA and the EU’s Seventh Framework Program (FP7), aimed at supporting innovation within the European Union.


Axxam and Polyphor will develop tailored functional assays to address different potential mechanisms of action on the GLP-1R, including agonists, allosteric modulators or inhibitors for receptor desensitisation.


Chiara Liberati, head

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