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Bacitracin is composed of a group of polypeptides with antibiotic activity against many Gram-positive bacteria including staphylococci, streptococci and clostridia. Indication: Used in the threatment of local infections, mainly infections of the skin, ear and eye. Application: Administered, typically as a combination drug product used in; topical creams, powders and solutions, ophthalmic ointments, otic solutions and solutions for irrigation of wounds. Administered systemically as intramuscular injections and orally as lozenges. Packaging sizes: Sterile non-micronised: 2kg, Non-sterile micronised & non-micronised:1kg, 5 kg, 15kg. Shelf life: Non-sterile: 4 years, Sterile: 3 years Storage conditions: Below 8°C (46°F) For further information contact Xellia.
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