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16 Oct 2017

Batavia expands its viral vector and cleanroom facilities to stay on top of demand

Investments will help the company to bring candidate biopharmaceuticals from bench to clinic.

Batavia Biosciences has announced the expansion of its viral vector process development facilities in the US and its GMP cleanroom facilities in the Netherlands to accommodate the increasing market demand.

Chris Yallop, CSO Batavia Biosciences, explains: “Recent advances in cancer vaccines and gene therapy have given rise to a profound increase in the global demand for process development and clinical manufacturing of vector-based products.”

The R&D facility in Medford, located just north of Cambridge (MA) allows Batavia Biosciences to extent the existing service portfolio in the US, adding complete pre-clinical process development capabilities for viral vectors including AAV, Lentivirus, VSV and Adenovirus systems to its portfolio of CHO cell line generation and process development services for recombinant proteins and antibodies.

Expansion of its GMP cleanroom facilities in Leiden, the Netherlands better aligns the company’s GMP capacity with its increased R&D capability to further support the manufacturing of master cell banks and vaccine seed stocks.

Menzo Havenga, CEO Batavia Biosciences, concludes: “At Batavia Biosciences we are very much aware of the fact that the patient is waiting. With the completion of this investment, the company is now better positioned to maintain the speed and quality of bringing candidate biopharmaceuticals from bench to clinic.”

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