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6 Aug 2013

Bazedoxifene could target breast cancer and osteoporosis

Bazedoxifene's effects on oestrogen mean it may protect against both osteoporosis and breast cancer.

Osteoporosis drug bazedoxifene could also be effective in treating breast cancer, according to findings presented at the annual Endocrine Society meeting in San Francisco.

The medicine, which is available in the EU and awaiting approval by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), could have multiple applications due to its effects on the oestrogen receptor.

Reduced levels of the female sex hormone can lower protection against osteoporosis, but the chemical can also be responsible for stimulating over-multiplication of cells which leads to breast cancer.

Selective oestrogen receptor modulator (SERM) bazedoxifene can destroy hormone receptors through degradation, thus preventing the production and spread of diseased cells.

Investigators analysed the effects of the drug, which is manufactured by Pfizer Pharmaceuticals,  on a variety of breast cancer cells and found that it was effective in prohibiting tumour growth.

The disease is the most prevalent cancer in women globally, according to the World Health Organization (WHO) so steps towards its eradication, prevention or treatment are highly valued.

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