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3 Jun 2011

Building An Information Framework to Drive Drug Discovery

The success of the Open PHACTS project is expected to drive researchers around the globe to capture and distribute data and information in a semantically interoperable and computer readable format.

A consortium of European organisations has come together to support next-generation drug discovery by providing a single view across data sources, bringing the semantic web to drug discovery.


The Open PHACTS consortium, with €16.4m of funding from the Innovative Medicines Initiative, will create an Open Pharmacological Space, which will be freely accessible for knowledge discovery and verification.


Open PHACTS will provide a growing body of data on small molecules, their pharmacological profiles, pharmacokinetics, ADMET data, biological targets and pathways in a semantically interoperable format. Aligning and integrating proprietary and public data sources into a single system is currently a very difficult and time consuming task, repeated across companies, instit

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