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13 Sep 2017

Building on shaky foundations? 'No way' says Sartorius

Sartorius' new manufacturing facility for laboratory instruments.

Award-winning building protected by special construction against vibration and temperature fluctuations.

Sartorius has officially opened it its approximately 42-million-euro building as part of Sartorius Campus for the manufacture of laboratory instruments. The new facility provides high-quality production conditions and an advanced, efficient work environment. Around 450 employees build laboratory instruments, such as balances, ultrapure water systems and moisture analysers at this facility covering about 25,000 m2 (270,000 sq. ft.) in the industrial zone of Grone in Goettingen.

The production facility, to which the State of Lower Saxony and the German federal government together contributed 4.2 million euro, represents the largest single investment of Sartorius Campus. On the whole, Sartorius is investing around 500 million euro in its Campus up to completion of construction scheduled for the end of 2018. The new Group headquarters will combine two Goettingen sites and, apart from providing more capacity for manufacture and administration, offers an attractive work environment. Moreover, the Campus grounds covering around 170,000 m2 (1,829,865 sq. ft.), can be used to further expand its facilities.

Speaking to CPHI-Online, Sartorius explained they made the significant investment so they could benefit from the increased capacity, both now and in the future. In addition, production times, which at the old site were very good, are now even better. The move to having everything under one roof has also positively affected production logistics.

The new building combines different manufacturing sites, formerly spread out at various locations, all under one roof: parts manufacture, prototype construction, calibration center, an extended vocational training workshop and an administration complex. Glass expanses of close to 7,000 m2 (75,350 sq. ft.), provide plenty of daylight throughout all areas of the building; a modern office design permits efficient work. As highly accurate balances are also calibrated inside, the building is protected from temperature fluctuations and protected by a foundation isolated from vibration by decoupling.

At the beginning of this year, the building won the 2017 Engineering Award of the German Structural Steel Industry, "Ingenieurpreis des Deutschen Stahlbaues" in the category of highrise building construction. The jury of the prize sponsor bauforumstahl e.V. lauded this construction as a symbol of the dynamics and solid quality workmanship of the laboratory balances manufactured at the facility. In addition, Sartorius is aiming to have this new building certified by the German Society for Sustainable Building, DGNB.

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