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25 Sep 2013

Catalent Applied Drug Delivery Institute Appoints Professor Claus-Michael Lehr to Advisory Board

The Catalent Applied Drug Delivery Institute has appointed Professor Claus-Michael Lehr, to the Institute’s Advisory Board.


Professor Lehr has spent more than 15 years leading research into ways to overcome biological barriers to effective drug delivery, and the development and formulation of appropriate carriers to transport active pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical molecules to desired targets. He has co-authored many notable publications on the development of sophisticated in-vitro models that more accurately represent the epithelial cells and tissues concerned in transport, and the application of nanotechnology to improve in-vivo delivery to such therapeutic targets.


He is currently Head of the Department of Biopharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology, Saarland University, Germany and Co-founder and Head of the Department “Drug Delivery” (DDEL) of the Helmholtz Institute for Pharmaceutical Research Saarland (HIPS).


“The sharing of knowledge is key to the Institute’s mission to drive the early adoption of advanced drug delivery technologies,” Professor Lehr commented. “Collaboration across industry and academia will encourage the innovation of better products and their effective delivery, with fewer unwanted side effects.”


“Professor Lehr’s research experience in drug delivery, coupled with his outstanding connections within our industry, will be great assets to the Institute” commented Terry Robinson, Executive Director of the Catalent Applied Drug Delivery Institute. “We look forward to the valuable support and guidance of our advisory board members.”


On 3 October, the Catalent Applied Drug Delivery Institute will host the latest in its 2013 series of educational events at the Royal Society of Chemistry’s prestigious Burlington House in London, UK. Registration is now open, for more information on the seminar, entitled “Overcoming Bioavailability Challenges”, or to learn more about the Catalent Applied Drug Delivery Institute, please visit

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