CDMO Services

CDMO Services
Product Description

Custom Development

  • Route scouting 
  • Process development 
  • Continuous flow process development – up to 10 kg/h 
  • Optimization and intensification studies 
  • Analytical method development 
  • Genotoxic evaluation 
  • Nitrosamine study
  • Crystallization study 
  • Polymorphism study  

cGMP Manufacturing
  • Technology transfer 
  • Process and analytical validation 
  • Continuous flow manufacturing – up to multitons scale 
  • Small- and large-scale HPAPI manufacturing (OEB5) 
  • Kilo-scale, pilot and commercial supply 
  • Clinical supply 
  • Process safety assessments 
  • ICH stability study


  • IT
  • 2015
    On CPhI since


  • IT
  • 2015
    On CPhI since

More Products from ANGELINI PHARMA SPA

  • APIs List

    Product APIs List

    Characterized by quality, cost-competitiveness and reliability with an uncompromising commitment to cGMP standards and HSE regulations, Angelini Fine Chemicals makes unique its generics. With DMFs filed worldwide, Angelini Fine Chemicals supplies its APIs to top ranking pharmaceutical industry in Europe, USA, Latin America and Asia.

  • FlowChem Platform

    Product FlowChem Platform

    Angelini Fine Chemicals is one of the first European CDMOs investing in flow chemistry and micro-reaction technology for development and manufacturing of APIs and HPAPIs. Angelini Fine Chemicals brings extensive experience in research and development of flow continuous process and offers extensive custom development and manufacturing technology & services. Equipped with new R&D flow lab, kilo-flow lab (pilot scale) and industrial flow continuous reactors, Angelini Fine Chemicals combines R&D chemist and engineers to assist its customer from R&D feasibility study runs to Proof-of-Concept (PoC) / Proof-of-Scalability (PoS) up to your first mid-scale and commercial cGMP production, from 1-1000+ kg up to MT.


  • HPAPI Platform

    Product HPAPI Platform

    Responding to the rising number of custom HPAPIs demand, Angelini Fine Chemicals expands its HPAPI capacity. With over 50 years of CDMO experience, Angelini Fine Chemicals is at the forefront of chemical development and cGMP manufacturing of HPAPIs to serving brand pharmaceutica industry. The new Angelini's HPAPI platform offers all scales of HPAPI manufacture across the full OEL / OEB band spectrum to meet a wide range of pharmaceutical outsourcing services, from route selection  / proof of concept runs to scale-up up to small- and large-volume HPAPI cGMP manufacturing assuring a smooth, safe and optimized process technology transfer.

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