2 Oct 2020

galenIQ™ - the sweet filler binder

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Choosing the right filler-binder can enhance the overall taste and mouthfeel of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products. Medicine that taste good can considerablyincrease the acceptance by certain patient groups like children, the elderly and people with chronic conditions. It is also of importance in the growing field of veterinary medicine. galenIQ™ makes medicine taste better. It is a highly functional filler-binder that stands out for its well-balanced sweetness that reduces the bitter taste of APIs and helps to mask the unpleasant taste of ingredients such as plant extracts. galenIQ™ is the pharmaceutical grade of BENEO’s Isomalt that is derived from beet sugar. Its pleasant mouthfeel is very similar tothat of sucrose and it has no significant off-taste or aftertaste. Besides its good taste, the unique morphology and ease of use of galenIQ™ open the door to the development of innovative pharmaceutical products.

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    Probiotics are live microorganisms promoted as having health benefits when consumed.  Probiotic supplements are available as tablets, capsules and powders.  galenIQ™ 721 is a highly functional excipient and the perfect carrier for these probiotic preparations.  galenIQ™ – the sweet filler-binder that makes probiotic supplements taste good.