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13 Mar 2020

CPHI Annual Report 2019

New modalities, new methods and new thinking to solve old problems

The CPHI Annual Report is a comprehensive and critically important publication that analyses key pharmaceutical trends and innovations forecast by our panel of world class experts. Running as a series of opinions and articles, the CPHI experts call upon their considerable commercial and technical acumen to prophesize the future direction, technologies, opportunities and threats in pharma. It’s an essential read for executives who wish to get a head start today on the shape of tomorrow’s industry.


CPHI’s Pharma Industry Rankings: Evaluation of current Pharma

Part 1. Innovation, AI and Regulation

Building Quality into Pharma Manufacturing, from Molecule to Medicine: Pharma 4.0
Bikash Chatterjee, President and Chief Science Officer, Pharmatech Associates

Chaos to Continual Improvement: Path to Harmonization
Ajaz Hussein PhD, The National Institute for Pharmaceutical Technology & Education, Inc., USA

Pharmaceutical Quality: Concepts, Misconceptions, Realities and Remedies
Girish Malhotra, President, Epcot International

Part 2. Biologics: Capacity and Biosimilars

Mammalian Biomanufacturing Industry Overview
Dawn M. Ecker, Director of Biotrak Database Services, Bioprocess Technology Group, BDO-USA, LLP
Patricia Seymour, Managing Director, Bioprocess Technology Group, BDO-USA, LLP

Biopharmaceutical Therapies And Biosimilars: Not Your Father’s Medication
Emil W. Ciurczak, Doramaxx Consulting

Part 3. Biologics: Advanced Therapies and China

Trends in Chinese Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing, Contract Manufacturing
Vicky Qing Xia, Bioplan Associates, INC. Rockville, MD

New Developments in Bioprocessing Development & Manufacturing
Michiel E. Ultee, PhD, Ulteemit Bioconsulting, LLC

Part 4. Contract Services, new Modalities and Breakthroughs

Increase in Drug Approvals and Priority Review Shows the Future Is Bright for the CMO Industry
Adam Bradbury Industry Analyst, Pharmsource, a GlobalData product

Patient Centricity: The New Nexus for CDMOs
Stuart E. Needleman, Chief Commercial Officer, Piramal Pharma Solutions

Newer Drugs will Require a New Way of Manufacturing Centred on the Patient
Peter Soelkner, Managing Director, Vetter Pharma International GMBH


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