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Pharma Trend Outlook 2022

14th December, 2021
4pm CET / 10am EST
What will this webinar address?

As we approach the end of a year which saw global vaccine rollout for COVID-19, 44 novel drug approvals (to date) and the return of the CPHI Worldwide in-person event, we’re looking ahead to what 2022 has in store for the pharma industry.

In this 60 minute, free-to-attend webinar, you’ll have the opportunity to hear from market experts from different sectors of the industry on the key trends, dynamics and disruptors we can anticipate in the coming year.

Sourcing dynamics, the shift to self-administration, biotech innovation and sustainability are all high on the agenda – join us as we explore where the biggest opportunities and challenges lie and build your knowledge on where the industry is heading.

Why attend:
  • Gain a comprehensive trend outlook for 2022 in just 60 minutes
  • Hear from market experts on the future pharma landscape and ask your questions during our live Q&A
  • Understand where the biggest opportunities and challenges lie
  • Andrew Donnelly
    Vice President - Innovation
    Bespak, by Recipharm

    Andrew Donnelly is Vice President of Innovation at Bespak by Recipharm. With 25 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical industry and a PhD in drug delivery, Andrew heads up the Bespak by Recipharm innovation team.

    He works closely with the engineers and scientists to identify areas for new technologies and solutions, as well as working with biopharmaceutical companies to develop combination products.

    Daniel Chancellor
    Thought Leadership Director
    Informa Pharma Intelligence

    Daniel has a decade of experience as an analyst in the biopharma industry, spanning roles in drug discovery, market analysis, competitive intelligence, and strategic consulting.

    He now develops and leads Informa Pharma Intelligence’s thought leadership program, producing materials that help clients across a range of hot topics in the biopharma industry, most recently including COVID-19, immuno-oncology, tumor-agnostic drug development, artificial intelligence and M&A. As part of this, Daniel regularly participates in webinars, conferences and other speaking arrangements, and he is featured across leading publications such as Nature Reviews Drug Discovery, Scientific American, Scrip, In Vivo and Vice.

    Prior to joining Informa, Daniel worked as a medicinal chemist at the UK biotech company Summit Therapeutics and graduated with First Class Honours in Natural Sciences from the University of Bath.

    Gian Paolo Negrisoli
    Flamma Spa

    Gian Paolo , born in Bergamo in 1952, High School Diploma in Classical Study at Liceo Sarpi , Bergamo, started with Flamma in 1978, after receiving his degree in Chemistry at the University of Milano in 1978.

    He has grown Flamma into a CDMO that is known worldwide for its expertise in high value chiral chemistry specifically with molecules containing amino acids. Under his leadership, the company has grown to over 650 employees based at 4 sites (two in Italy, one in China and one in USA) plus a commercial office in Paris. During this time, capacity has increased to 500 m3 and employees to 650 units.

    He is currently Board member of EFCG (European Fine Chemical Group, the Vice President at Aschimfarma and previously the President at Gruppo Chimici Confindustria Bergamo

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    Pharma Trend Outlook 2022
    • 14th December, 2021
    • 4pm CET / 10am EST
    • 60 minutes
    • Free
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