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8 Aug 2013

DASA Group to deliver prenatal test for abnormalities

DASA Group delivers Panorama prenatal test for genetic abnormalities to Brazil.

A prenatal test for genetic defects within babies, developed by Natera, is to be delivered by DASA Group to the Brazilian healthcare market.

Using a blood draw from an expectant mother, the test known as Panorama can check for some of the most common chromosomal abnormalities in their unborn babies. These include Down Syndrome, Patau Syndrome and Edwards Syndrome.

Panorama has undergone clinical trials across the globe, which has validated it as a good indicator within the first trimester of pregnancy for chromosomal abnormalities.

Chief executive officer of Natera Matthew Rabinowitz said: “We have seen tremendous response to Panorama our advanced non-invasive prenatal test through our global launch and now are excited to bring it to Brazil through DASA Group’s highly respected service centers”

It is estimated that around 230,000 people in Brazil have Down Syndrome and around 37,000 each suffer with Edward Syndrome or Patau Syndrome.

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