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10 Jan 2013

Dip and Read biosensor to aid drug development

Drug development to be aided by new biosensor

The development of a new biosensor, which allows a simple and quick method for quantitation and kinetic characterisation of vital processes in drug discovery, has been announced by a leading medical research company.
ForteBio, a division of Pall Life Sciences, said the new technology will make traditional approaches appear slow, cumbersome and obsolete. The 'Dip and Read' biosensor therefore has the potential to cut costs and time spent on the creation of new medicines.
Christopher Silva, the ForteBio division’s vice president of marketing, said: "The detection and characterization of human IgG is of paramount importance to research scientists [but] traditional approaches … are slow and expensive."
Dip and Read biosensors are capable of measuring multiple interactions in parallel without the use of detection agents, making them highly prized by pharmaceutical firms involved in drug development.
ForteBio specialises in creating technology for customers performing cutting-edge research in biotech drugs, vaccines and classic pharmaceuticals.


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