15 Nov 2021

Doshion Pharma Polymers Brochure

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Doshion has been a leading manufacturer for a wide range of Excipients, Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients and specialty Pharma Resins.

  • Excipients: Doshion’s excipients are used across the world by many major pharma companies in usage like Taste Masking for tablets, syrups and other orally administered drug, coatings for modified release dosage and sustained release, coatings for tablet disintegration, and many more such
  • API’s: Doshion’s manufactures Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients which are highly used in reduction of Cholesterol and treatment of Hyperkalemia.
  • Special Applications: Doshion manufactures special polymers which are used in extensively in applications like Vitamin C purification, Glucose purification, Protein purification, separation of Amino acids, Enzymes & Alkoids, etc.

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