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8 Feb 2011

Elan: 4Q Sales Figures

Elan announced Tuesday that it recorded a 4Q net loss of $52.2 million, down from a $57.7 million loss in the same quarter of 2009.

According to the results announced on Tuesday, Irish drugmaker Elan Corp. has narrowed its fourth-quarter net losses.


Revenue from the BioNeurology business was up 7% for the year boosted by Tysabri sales, while revenue from Elan Drug Technologies (EDT) fell due to reduced revenue from Maxipime, Azactam and Prialt. Revenue growth for the year was attributed to an 18% increase in Tysabri sales to $851.5 million, as well as a 9% drop in operating expenses. Loss for the year includes a settlement reserve charge of $206.3 million for Zonegran.


4Q Revenues: $308.9 million (+3%)

4Q Loss:

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