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8 Jul 2011

Enzo Discover Novel Target for Metabolic Bone Disease

Enzo Biochem reported its discovery of new class of proteins to inhibit the Wnt signalling pathway.

Enzo Biochem has reported the discovery of new class of proteins that have been shown to inhibit the Wnt signalling pathway, and therefore mediate the development of a number of conditions, including metabolic bone disease.


Enzo Biochem CEO Dr Elazar Rabbani announced this week that the team has identified a new target on a key modulator of the Wnt system that not only allows for development of novel antibodies for the modulation of this important pathway, but it has also identified a small peptide that can accomplish the same modulation without the need for antibodies.


Anti-scelerostin anabolics are among the most exciting developments in the treatment of bone disorders, its has been shown that fluctuations in the level of these proteins has been shown to affec

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