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3 Oct 2012

Eurofins acquisition allows it to offer Discovery CRO

Eurofins will offer Discovery CRO services following its recent acquisition.

Eurofins Scientific has agreed to acquire the Pan Labs pharmacology unit formerly operated by Ricerca Biosciences and MDS Pharma.

The UK company boasts a network of nine laboratories in the UK and Ireland offering pharma testing contract services, as well as food, environment and product testing services.

The new pharmacology unit will enable the firm to strengthen its presence in the US and Taiwan, as well as adding new Discovery Contract Research Organisation (CRO) strings to its bow.

CROs provide key support services to pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, with drug discovery and research making up a large section of these outsourced research services.

Others include commercialisation, preclinical research, clinical trials management and pharmacovigilance.
"The addition of Pan Labs adds a significant spectrum of new services that Eurofins can now offer to our clients," said the company's chief executive Gilles Martin.

"To benefit from the rapidly growing trend in the discovery pharmacology field for outsourcing to CROs, Eurofins is expanding its portfolio and footprint in this industry."

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