About CPHI Online

  • What is CPHI Online?

    CPHI Online is the world's biggest online pharma marketplace and content hub, browsed monthly by over 36,000 trusted Pharma companies and professionals across the entire supply chain.

  • Do I need to register to view this site?

    Users can freely browse and explore new suppliers without registering. However, to access trend reports, participate in webinars, or initiate contact with suppliers, does require you to be logged in. Additionally, suppliers are required to register to list their companies on the platform.

  • What is the difference between Exhibitor Manual, CPHI Online, and Event Platform?

    Exhibitor Manual – Accessible by exhibitor admins only, this is a tool to help you prepare your stand, register your team members, and complete practical tasks in preparation for the in-person event. On this portal you will find information on the event rules and regulations, order services, general information about the event timetable, location and accommodation options.

    CPHI Online – CPHI-Online.com is a digital B2B directory catering to the pharmaceutical industry. Our platform serves as a comprehensive marketplace that connects global pharmaceutical suppliers and products. We provide a diverse range of sectors, products, and services, enabling our partners to access knowledge and expand their visibility. 

    Event Platform – is the digital companion to the in-person event, available on the web and via the app. It is a place to showcase your company profile and products, network with event attendees, arrange meetings or bookmark content sessions and collect leads both online and in-person. Here, you will also find your digital badge and a full list of all attendees signed up to the event. To find out more about the event platform, please refer to the Exhibitor Manual.

  • What if I do not remember my login or password?

    If you do not remember your password, please click on the Login button at the top right of the screen and then click on the Forgot Password option.

    If you do not remember your email address, please contact a support representative at [email protected]. They will be happy to assist you.

Company Listing & Membership

  • What does a Company Profile page look like?

    Here below is an example of a Company Profile.

    Make sure your description covers everything and includes all of your relevant keywords. This ensures your company ranks higher on the users' searches.
    Add as many categories as fit to make your product easy to find. Categories also allow you to group similar products together by classification.
    Add multiples sales representatives, to make it easy to get in contact with you and to make sure you do not miss any important business request.
    Keep your information updated, as CPHI Online is often used to evaluate companies' trustworthiness.
    Add as many products as possible with an image, description, specifications, and every category or tag that applies
    Upload as much content as you can and gate it to get valuable leads. Companies with gated content generate on average 24x more profile traffic and 66% more leads
  • How do I update my Company Profile?

    Once you have logged in to your account, click on the user icon and then click on View Profile. Next, click on Company Profiles to access the editing panel. After you have made your changes, don't forget to save and publish.

  • How do I update my Personal Profile?

    Once you have logged in to your account, click on the user icon and then click on View Profile. Next, click on My Profile positioned below the My Dashboard button. This is where you can update and save your profile information.

  • How long do I have access to my Company Profile?

    Access to a Company Profile is unlimited. If the Company Profile expires, it will downgrade to a Basic Profile which has fewer benefits but the access is still unlimited.

  • I have a question about my Company Profile, whom do I contact?

    Contact a support representative at [email protected]. They will be happy to assist you.

  • I have a Basic Membership - What does this mean?

    Basic profile is a free listing* on CPHI Online with limited features. You can list up to 3 products, 1 category, 400 character company description, 1 content piece, and news.

  • How can I update the company name and country information?

    The company name and country that appears in your Company Profile is the name under which the contract was signed. To change either, please contact [email protected]

  • How long is the Silver, Gold or Platinum Membership valid for?

    If you're interested in our CPHI Online offerings or our suite of digital marketing solutions, contact our Digital team.

  • Can I cancel my Membership?

    Yes, you can request to cancel your Membership at any time. However, as it is a 12-month Membership your membership status and payments will continue until the end of the contract term.

    Example: You took out a Gold Membership on 1 May of 2021. The contract term then runs until 1 May 2022 and will renew on this date if no stop request is received.

  • How to add/delete team members with admin rights?

    Any existing ADMIN can give another team member admin rights. If you do not have admin rights and need it, please ask another admin team member on your team for assistance. You can find them by seeing the admin option on YES, but grayed out. This indicates you do not have admin rights but they do.

    Any existing ADMIN can delete team members by navigating to the "Company Profiles" and selecting the "Team Members" section. You can Next, click the trash bin icon linked to the team member profile intended for deletion. Afterward, confirm the action by clicking the “OK” button.

  • What is the best size/format for images?

    The best size/format for images to upload on your Company Profile is 300 x 300 JPG, JPEG and PNG.

  • Can I upload/change the products that appear on the company page?

    To change the products that appear on the company page, navigate to the Products/Services tab, then select Add Product. Fill in the required information on the form and click Save and then Publish to publish it to the company page.

    To make further changes, you can click on the editing Pencil icon to edit a product or the Trash icon to delete it as shown below.

    If you want to add Products in bulk, then please contact the support team [email protected]

  • Can I add different categories?

    Yes, you add different categories and link them to your Company and to the Products/Services you upload. However, the number of categories you can add will depend on the type of Membership you have – Basic, Silver, Gold, or Platinum.

    To know about how many categories, you can add please visit our Membership page or check the contract you have signed for the Event/Membership profile.

  • Why the articles that were just published are not appearing on my Company Profile?

    News is uploaded by a customer and then checked by the Content team, who then Publish it. If the news is not published within a few business days, then please contact our support team at [email protected].

  • How can I see the leads and statistics?

    After logging in, click on the user icon in the top corner of the page and then click on Leads & Statistics. Click on various tabs to interact with the graphs, view different metrics, and export a CSV file, if needed.

Digital Products

  • How do I purchase additional ad space on CPHI Online?

    Please contact a support representative at [email protected]. They will be happy to assist you.

  • What type of sponsorships do you offer?

    To find out more about our sponsorships, please visit our Digital Products page.

Event Profile

  • What is an Event profile?

    An Event Profile is how you want to portray your company at a specific event. This information is shown in the Exhibitor List as well as on a dedicated page on CPHI Online. It includes details such as your exhibiting name, stand number, zone, and showcased products and categories.

    For the events that have an Event Platform, your Event Profile information is also included here to save you time. This also makes it easier for visitors to find you before, during & after the event.

  • How long an Event Profile is active?

    An Event Profile is active a few business days after signing your event contract until one month after the conclusion of the respective event.

  • What is the difference between a Company Profile and an Event Profile?

    A Company Profile is a comprehensive 365 overview of your business, including elements such as company description, details about products and services, information about team members, and resources.

    An Event Profile is tailored for specific events, highlighting details related to the company's participation, showcased products, and booth activities before, during & after the exhibition.

  • How to update the contact information?

    The contact information like your company name, address & the main administrative contact originates from the details given within an event contract. To update it, please contact your account manager or our Customer Service Team by WhatsApp +31 20 245 5355, phone +31 20 245 5355, or email [email protected]