8 Jun 2021

Technoflex, the IV drug delivery expert

For more than 40 years, Technoflex has been working with all the major pharmaceutical laboratories. The many improvements and innovations introduced in existing packaging have contributed to facilitating manipulations of injectable products by caregivers. 

Today, biotherapies and cell therapy are opening up perspectives for customized medicine where the choice of the primary packaging is crucial. 

 Every day, Technoflex brings all its expertise in the healthcare field to bear in order to enable today’s alliance of therapeutic research and the design of innovative packaging to create tomorrow’s treatments.

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    Dual-Mix® is a patented dual-chamber bag designed to hold a medicine in powder/lyophilizate form and its associated diluent. It enables the packaging of unstable molecules which need to be reconstituted just before administration to the patient. Dual-Mix®, has received the award for Excellence in Pharma in the Packaging category at the 2018 CPHI awards.