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30 Oct 2013

Haselmeier Announces the CE Mark for JuniorSTAR? Half-Unit Insulin Pen

Haselmeier has announced the CE Mark of JuniorSTAR by Sanofi. JuniorSTAR is a new easy-to-use, half-unit insulin reusable pen that can be used with Lantus (insulin glargine), Apidra (insulin glulisine) or Insuman (recombinant human insulin).

Developed and manufactured by Haselmeier, JuniorSTAR is a light-weight reusable pen with a large dose display, single-step dial back without insulin leakage and delivers from 1 to 30 units per injection.

“Haselmeier is proud to partner with Sanofi on this important programme to develop and manufacture JuniorSTAR and we look forward to continuing our business relationship in the future,” said Frédéric Gabriel, General Manager of Haselmeier.

Director Project Management at Haselmeier, Sandra de Haan adds that “the excellent cooperation between Sanofi and Haselmeier project teams ensured announcement to the diabetes community at the recent EASD congress".

Half-unit dose increment pens provide flexibility to achieve target insulin doses especially in young patients with diabetes. JuniorSTAR has been tested by people with type 1 diabetes (6–18 years old), parents and nurses in a non-comparative survey with 167 insulin pen users from five European countries1:

• 81% of patients/parents and 86% of nurses agreed it is easy to carry on a daily basis, because of its light weight (~ 34 g)
• 98% of patients/parents and 94% of nurses agreed it is easy to read becasue of its large dose display and legible numbers
• 91% of patients/parents and 89% of nurses agreed that the dialling back was easy because of its single-step dial back without insulin leakage
• 93% of survey participants agreed on its ease of use.

JuniorSTAR meets the new ISO 11608-1:2012 standard and passed all requirements for robustness and dose accuracy. It is offered in three different colors (blue, red and silver), for flexibility and insulin differentiation.

JuniorSTAR is expected to be available in Europe and Canada throughout 2014.


1. D. Klonoff et al., "Evaluation of the JuniorSTAR half-unit insulin pen in young people with type 1 diabetes - user perspectives," European Endocrinology, 9(2), 82–85 (2013).

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