17 Apr 2018

Respiratory Drugs (DPI)

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Hosokawa Micron has adapted the standard Cyclomix design for mixing DPI formulae. This revolutionary mixer can disperse the active ingredients in the lactose filler exactly, so that the active ingredients will be released during inhalation. It mixes homogeneous batches that require low mixing energy and is gentle enough to eliminate any risk of particle erosion. Its conical construction and central outlet result in complete discharge of the mixing vessel and easy cleaning.

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  • News New display and Operation Concept for the ALPINE Air Jet Sieve e200LS

    Retrofitting made easy

    New Display and Operating Concept for the ALPINE Air Jet Sieve e200 LS

    The latest air jet sieve in the family of ALPINE's air jet sieves e200 LS is the device for analysing the particle size of all types of powders – with an intuitive touch display (HMI) and state-of-the-art operating software. The new operating panel was designed especially to allow an easy and fast upgrade of older machines.

    The air jet sieving process developed by HOSOKAWA ALPINE for the separation, fractionation and particle size analysis of fine powders has proven its worth over the decades in a great variety of industrial sectors. And with a completely new operating concept for the current e200 LS machine generation, the inventors of the technology have succeeded once again in setting new standards in speed and efficiency with the help of an intuitive user interface and application-specific functions. Whether heavy-duty tasks with high throughputs in the minerals and cement industry or strictly regulated and document-intensive processes in the pharmaceuticals and food production industry: a total of four high-performance software packages offer the optimum solution for every process-technological environment, for example by means of special search functions, reliable results management, verifiable reproducibility or password-protected settings. Clearly understandable symbols ensure just as high a degree of operating comfort in each of the four software versions as today's smart phone users are accustomed to. A selection can be made between a total of 10 different languages.

    On the hardware side of things, the control panel (Human Machine Interface, HMI) presents itself as a non-glare touch panel. The panel is covered with a layer of safety glass that is 3 mm thick; this guarantees trouble-free operation in even the most rugged production and environmental conditions. The entire display is designed such that it can be integrated into existing ALPINE e200 LS air jet sieves without any problems at all. Only four screws need to be released to make the exchange. The existing data can be migrated in their entirety to the new system.
    Robust, simple, reasonably priced – the "Lite" version as an ideal second air jet sieve

    With the "Lite" version, the generation of ALPINE's e200 LS air jet sieves is tailored especially to the needs of price-conscious customers. The Alpine air jet sieve e200 LS Lite combines ultra-simple handling and maximum analysis quality with an award-winning product design.

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