5 Jul 2017

Chemical Colour Imaging

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Hyperspectral imaging allows to identify chemical properties of materials and to analyse thus differences in the materials. Objects leave a unique „fingerprint” with their highly complex spectral information. However, hyperspectral camera technology has not yet been widely applied in the industrial environment. Standards for interfacing are missing, application work has to be done by scientific-motivated methodology, elaborate correction effort of cameras disorder has to be considered. Furthermore, the scientific analysis of hyperspectral data is the field of experts of the disciplines of multivariate data processing and chemometrics as well as spectroscopy. – Quite not typical disciplines of vision engineers.

Therefore Perception Park introduced its Chemical Colour Imaging (CCI) technology. CCI encapsulates the technologies mentioned above and provides a promising alternative suitable for vision tasks. The user deals with spectroscopic information and problems transformed in a domain natural to him – in the colour domain. Therefore, complex spectroscopic problems get solvable based on the interpretation of image information – the user is able to learn by his cognitive intelligence and generates application specific know-how. Since all workflows are based on workflows known from vision, hyperspectral cameras based on CCI are applicable like standard vision cameras and allow solutions to industrial challenges that were not thinkable in the past.

Spectral technology come along with a couple of hundred data points per object pixel. As a consequence, this results in a deluge of data to be processed in real-time. Industrial bulk sorting e.g. requires object decisions within a few milliseconds.

Our customers mainly work in the fields of pharmaceutical processing and food processing.

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