12 Jul 2021

Oral films

If you are looking for new innovative drug delivery dosage forms, then have a look at our unique technologies: 

The Rapidfilm® releases your API immediately and delivery is through the gastro-intestinal route. The uptake is very convenient and easy. The  Rapidfilm® is placed on the tongue and dissolves within a few seconds. The active ingredient is swallowed together with the saliva and takes the same route as a tablet via the liver where the drug is metabolized.

Our Mucofilm® is a thin film, which harbors your API and is adhered to the oral mucosa. The film is small, cannot be felt and offers a much better convenience to the patient. The technology can be developed to deliver the API into the mucosa for local treatment (e.g. inflammations) or modified to achieve a systemic delivery through the mucosa treating the whole body

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