29 Oct 2021

The Medicine Maker's October Issue

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In this month’s cover feature, we put a spotlight on professionals from the outsourcing sector, who share their thoughts on the role of CDMOs in the global fight against COVID-19. In a second mini feature, we also explore how the industry is working to update clinical trials. Meanwhile, in Business, IDEA Pharma’s Mike Rea explains how a crucial moment in his career inspired the launch of his pharmaceutical positioning company, while Paula Pulsoni from World Courier discusses the importance of responding to changing logistics demands as global supply chains change. Also in this issue, we look at a pill for monoclonal antibodies, autoinjectors, multi-omics, lessons learned from Operation Warp Speed, and we we catch up with Novartis about progress towards the eradication of malaria. Finally, Evelina Vågesjö from Ilya Pharma tell us what it’s like to be a CEO at a spin out company.

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