17 Aug 2021


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  • Video Pharma Machinery Trends Outlook

    This session was originally broadcast as part of the CPHI Worldwide 2021 digital content programme. Managing costs while increasing efficiency and ensuring quality output are all crucial components of pharma production, with manufacturers consistently looking at what they can do to improve overall productivity. This session explores the latest technologies, trends and approaches for enhancing manufacturing efficiencies. A look at the current pharma machinery landscape Moving from high to low volume drug manufacturing for smaller patient populations Automation, optimisation and digital advances The use of robotics in sterile fill-finish Single-Use Technologies
  • Video CPHI Webinar Series: Watch On Demand - Reinvent Aseptic Processing with Flexible Robotics

    Flexible robotic manufacturing ensures your aseptic manufacturing processes prioritize quality.

    This event, ideal for pharmaceutical professionals involved in manufacturing, production, and quality, will teach you how to put quality first in aseptic fill-finish using the latest technologies in flexible robotic manufacturing.

    Through watching this webinar, you will:

    Know the options you have to ensure your aseptic processing equipment and processes place quality at the forefront Have the chance to submit your questions to our speakers during the live Q&A Understand the importance of maintaining quality aseptic conditions throughout the production process

    About the speaker:

    Keith Dodson is Vice President of Global Business Development and leads AST's global sales team. With an engineering background, Keith brings over 26 years total experience in the pharmaceutical and CDMO space having worked for multinational companies including 3M, Thermo Fisher, Eurofins and Catalent.

    Over his career, Keith has helped his customers around the world to identify, scope, and successfully implement capital equipment and technical services projects addressing critical business needs.
  • Video AST GENiSYS R Video

    The AST GENiSYS R provides ultimate flexibility for the aseptic filling of liquid pharmaceuticals. Designed with the specific challenges of small-batch production in mind, the GENiSYS R can be built to meet the needs of your facility today and for years to come.
  • Video AST ASEPTiCell Video

    AST’s ASEPTiCell provides ultimate flexibility for the aseptic filling of liquid pharmaceuticals in vials, syringes and cartridges at rates up to 100 containers per minute.
  • Video AST GENiSYS C Video

    The 4th generation GENiSYS C is an advanced yet compact solution for automated aseptic processing of liquid pharmaceutical products, with many features typically reserved for large scale filling lines.