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18 Jan 2016

Innova Biosciences introduces Thunder-Link PLUS

New improved antibody oligonucleotide conjugation kit.

Innova Biosciences has launched Thunder-Link PLUS, a new and improved version of the original Thunder-Link kit, enabling even faster and more efficient oligonucleotide conjugation.

The new kit offers all of the advantages of the original Thunder-Link technology, but now also works with antibody fragments and small proteins. Thunder-Link PLUS provides antibody and oligo activation in just 30 minutes, and oligo conjugation in only 1 hour, with no lengthy protocols. The kit enables excellent antibody and oligo recovery, with a robust and flexible clean-up procedure.

Fast, easy and efficient conjugation of oligonucleotides and antibodies has traditionally been a major obstacle when developing assays such as immuno-PCR, proximity extension assays, proximity ligation assays, and electrochemical proximity assays. Thunder-Link and now Thunder-Link PLUS are the easiest to use, fastest, most efficient and most effective oligonucleotide conjugation kits of their kind on the market.

Dr Nick Gee, CEO of Innova Biosciences, commented: “Thunder-Link PLUS has been developed in response to discussions with Innova’s customer base, and represents a continuation of the company’s drive to be at the forefront of bioconjugation technology and innovation.”

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