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3 Jul 2020

iNova Pharmaceuticals announces the launch of iPitch 2020

Following on from the success of the inaugural iPitch launch in 2019, iNova Pharmaceuticals is delighted to announce the launch of a new round of iPitch challenges for 2020.

iPitch is a collaborative crowdsourcing program that allows product and packaging developers, innovators, licensors and certified manufacturers to connect with iNova and share their great ideas for healthcare products that have the potential for commercialisation.

It provides a wonderful opportunity for anyone with new and different ideas or next-generation solutions that may not have the resources or expertise to bring their innovations to market, or just looking for a commercialisation partner.

According to iNova Executive Director and Head of Innovation, Filomena Maiese, “We know there’s consumer health product innovations out there that haven’t yet been commercialised. We want to partner with them.”

iPitch specifically looks for effective, evidence-based products with innovative and new formats and formulations. After creating a lot of buzz last year, and by leveraging the power of global connectivity, the 2019 iPitch received hundreds of different and diverse product and formulation ideas from around the world. iNova is currently preparing to launch two of these products into the marketplace, which otherwise would not have had a chance to make it to consumers.

Entries for iPitch can be made according to criteria set out by iNova within a range of set ‘challenges’. This year, iNova has created and carefully selected a diverse set of challenges across which submissions can be made. This provides more opportunity for innovators to submit entries and captures ideas across a wide range of consumer healthcare needs. The challenges cover products from pregnancy supplements to packaging to face masks to cough, cold and flu formulations.

iNova is excited about building a number of new mutually beneficial business partnerships through iPitch. According to Chief Executive Officer, Dan Spira, “iNova has a strong track record of acquiring, building and launching trusted consumer healthcare brands, which makes us a great partner of choice for product owners and licensors globally”.

iNova has a diverse range of market-leading products. They have a trusted reputation among consumers and healthcare professionals and are recognised as an innovative partner of choice in the healthcare industry. With a multi-national business platform, it offers access to well-established operating platforms and broad distribution networks across Asia, Africa and ANZ.

iPitch will be open for applications for 12 weeks, ending 21 August 2020.

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