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5 Aug 2013

Insulin inhaler phase 3 clinical trial completed

The inhaler delivers insulin to type 2 diabetes patients prior to a meal to prevent hyperglycemia.

A phase 3 clinical trial of an insulin inhaler has now been completed, and if results released later this year prove to be both reliable and positive, the treatment could soon be on the market.

MannKind Corporation's AFREZZA product is a next-generation solution which could be used to safely treat type 2 diabetes patients.

The condition is characterised by the body's inability to properly control blood sugar levels, and the risk of hyperglycemia is particularly high after eating.

The mealtime inhaler prevents dangerously-high glucose readings in these circumstances by delivering insulin, a hormone which is inferior in type 2 diabetes, into the bloodstream.

Peak levels are achieved 12 to 14 minutes after administration, complementing the timescale in which blood sugar increases from the start of a meal.

In total, the AFREZZA investigation has involved 5,600 participants in 61 clinical trials, and the latest randomised, placebo-controlled study involved evaluating its impact on HbA1c levels.

This glycoslated haemoglobin molecule is formed when glucose binds to haemoglobin in red blood cells, and is a good indicator in investigation of blood sugar disorders.

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