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9 Oct 2010

Introduction to Oncology and Chemotherapy - Oct 27-28 - San Francisco, CA

An introduction to Oncology and Chemotherapy - Oct 27-28 - San Francisco, CA.

Delegates attending this course will benefit from an introductory overview of the terminology and classification of cancer and principle issues in its treatment. Commonly available anti-cancer drugs will be reviewed with emphasis on mode of action, dose intensity and chemotherapy regimes. The range of side effects of chemotherapy treatment – both common and uncommon – will be studied in detail. Quality of life issues in terms of overall assessment and result interpretation will also be discussed.

Detailed consideration will be given to the treatment of major tumor types; breast, lung, upper gastrointestinal (GI), colorectal, ovarian, prostate and skin cancer. Each session will be presented by clinicians active in these areas and will focus on overall patient presentation and management and cancer diagnosis and staging. Following these sessions, our experts will lead delegates in interactive group discussions on the key issues relating to effective management of each tumor

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