JenKem Technology and Merck Announce Distribution Agreement

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BEIJING, Sept. 19, 2016 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- JenKem Technology and the life science business of Merck are pleased to announce a collaboration agreement for the distribution of select JenKem Technology high quality polyethylene glycol (PEG) products for biomedical applications by Merck.   
JenKem Technology's PEG products are widely used for drug delivery and hydrogel manufacturing in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, diagnostics, and emerging chemical specialty markets. The distribution agreement allows Merck to introduce and market JenKem Technology's portfolio of PEG products to their existing customer base. Merck's global distribution infrastructure will allow small volume PEG users convenient access to select JenKem® PEG products, such as Y-Shape PEGs, Methoxy PEGs, and Monodisperse PEGs for PEGylation, Homobifunctional PEGs, Heterobifunctional and Multi-arm Heterobifunctional PEG linkers for ADCs and other applications, Multi-arm PEGs for hydrogels, and Biodegradable PEG Co-Polymers for controlled release drug delivery. JenKem® PEG products sold by Merck will contain the statement "Product of JenKem Technology" on the product label whenever possible and on Merck's website,, and other promotional materials. JenKem Technology's products will be marketed under the Aldrich® brand in Merck's Sigma-Aldrich catalog.

"It is a great opportunity to partner with Merck to allow JenKem® PEGs to become more widely available to researchers in the biomedical field. The arrangement with Merck allows us to leverage Merck's substantial relationships and infrastructure within the biomedical and related industries" says JenKem Technology's VP of Business Development, Dr. Mark Frishberg.

With strategic international locations, Merck will offer JenKem Technology worldwide coverage, local sales force, and superior logistics. Merck will hold inventory of JenKem PEGS and ship direct using their excellent logistics systems. JenKem Technology Co., Ltd. and JenKem Technology USA, Inc., the sales subsidiary of JenKem Technology Co. Ltd., will continue to provide sales of PEG products and PEGylation services in small research scale where a customer chooses to work directly with JenKem Technology, and for bulk and commercial scale non-GMP and GMP grade products. Products distributed by JenKem Technology Co. Ltd. and JenKem Technology USA, Inc. will continue to be shipped to the customer directly from the JenKem Technology Co. Ltd.'s manufacturing facilities in Beijingand Tianjin P.R. China.


JenKem Technology

Company Information and Sales Related Inquiries:

Contact: Daniela Hutanu, PhD

Manager, Sales and Marketing

JenKem Technology USA

4105 W. Spring Creek Pkwy, Suite #606B

Plano, TX 75024, USA

Phone: +1-972-673-0603

Email: [email protected]


Custom Capabilities and Confidentiality Agreements:

Contact: Mark Frishberg, PhD

VP of Business Development

Phone: +1-707-322-3035

Email: [email protected]        


Jansen Xu 徐锦承

Head of Communications, Performance Materials and Life Science

Merck Holding China

Tower 2, No.88 Chenhui Road

Shanghai,201203, China

Tel: +86 (0)21 2033 8299

E-mail: [email protected] or

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