30 Sep 2020

Jinzhou Jiutai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

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Jinzhou Jiutai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive pharmaceutical enterprise which has more than 60 years manufacturing history. Through continuous development, now, it has become Jinzhou Jiutai Group, including Jinzhou Totem Packaging Co., Ltd., Jinzhou Bentian Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Liao Ning Kong Gan Disinfection Technology Co.,Ltd., and Liaoning Medical Material Co., Ltd., etc. The main products are various kinds of APIs and finish products, pharmaceutical packaging, mask, etc. Especially the disinfection products, our producing capacity provides important supply guarantees for domestic and foreign customers during the epidemic period. The Group owns advanced production technology, mature process route and complete system for quality inspection and control.

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Jinzhou Jiutai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd

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Pharmaceutical company
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API Producer
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Fine Chemicals Company
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