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Lab automation systems for faster scientific breakthroughs

5 Feb 2018

PAA showcases its complete range of automation solutions, suitable for any type of laboratory or application, at SLAS2018.

Peak Analysis & Automation (PAA) is showcasing its complete range of fully integrated laboratory automation systems (booth 1529 at SLAS2018), San Diego, CA, US. These include PAA’s established S-CEL robotic systems which provide a flexible design to accommodate all types of laboratory automation applications, as well its new S-LAB automated plate handler and GX collaborative robot, together with the proven Overlord scheduling software.

S-CEL robotic systems combine modular configuration, containment options and environmental control to make a comprehensive, integrated laboratory automation solution. The company has developed bespoke S-CEL systems for life science research and drug discovery applications in biotech, pharma and academic facilities and is expanding its S-CEL capabilities in the US, supported by its extensive US-based team.

At the other end of the automation spectrum, PAA will be demonstrating the capabilities of its new S-LAB automated plate handler. With super-easy set-up and a highly affordable price-point, S-LAB is an entry-level system that will enable the automation of assays which might not have been considered for automation before. Compatible with up to 300 different instruments and able to handle lidded plates reliably for sterile assays, the S-LAB is the perfect answer for laboratories looking to upscale workflows.

PAA’s GX fully collaborative benchtop robot was demonstrated as a prototype in 2017, and having recently been awarded a CE mark, is now available in both the US and Europe. The GX offers unique 360° continuous rotation of all joints and a barcode reader, delivering unmatched performance, ease of use and safety in the laboratory.

Rob Harkness, Business Development Manager at PAA, said, “This is the first time that we’ve been able to offer such a complete range of automation solutions, suitable for any type of laboratory or application. Our S-CEL robotic systems are allowing organisations to automate highly complex research requirements and S-LAB will make automation a possibility for groups who won’t have considered it before. Either way, we’re keen to talk with anyone who would like to enable faster scientific breakthroughs.”

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