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Lung Cancer Drug Formulation

25 Nov 2017

Alphie 35 ltr

Now a days, the death rate is very high associated with primary and metastatic lung cancer. The Airway Administration (known cure for patients with lung cancer) mode would be more effective if inhaled particles had a homogeneous and narrower particle size distribution giving better site-specific attack.


Recently, micro- and nano-particle formation processes based on the use of super critical fluids as solvents or Anti solvents for APIs have been introduced. It improves solid state physio chemical properties.

Alphie mixer is useful to mix particles of 5-FU with coarse and fine lactose. Fine lactose was pre blended with coarse lactose for 15 mins. All blending process carried out with 90 rpm for 90 mins.

This experiment was made to study super critical anti solvent processing of 5-fluorouracil (5-FU), a drug that is commonly used as both a palliative and therapeutic treatment for a variety of carcinomas.

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