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23 Apr 2021

Our new product - LIPOFRESH ophthalmic spray

We are constantly looking for new ideas and innovative products. The last one we have developed is an ophthalmic spray based on Liposomes and Acqua Madre delle Terme di Cervia. 

Thanks to its components, LIPOFRESH is able to regulate, moisturize and refresh the eye mucosa, give relief to the most common eye discomforts and give functional support to the eye surface.

Thus, the lipid layer used to contain and control the evaporation of the tear film is re-established.

Liposomes are optimal to restore and stabilize the lipid component present on the eyelid rim, while the essential electrolytes, present in the Acqua Madre delle Terme di Cervia, rebalance all the conditions of eye discomfort and tear instability.

LIPOFRESH ophthalmic spray

  • is suitable for children from 3 years
  • can also be administered during the use of contact lenses
  • is preservative free.

  • Spray bottle of 10 ml preservative free

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