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28 Jan 2013

Pfizer celebrates Global Health Plan

Pfizer's Global Health Plan celebrates ten years.

Pharmaceutical firm Pfizer is celebrating the success of its Global Health Plan (GHP) today (January 22nd), with senior representatives eager to praise the achievements of the ten-year-old initiative.

The GHP was implemented in 2003 as part of an investment strategy that allowed the company to expand its reach across the world, providing deprived countries with much-needed access to medicines, expertise, experts and funding.

"The tenth anniversary of this vibrant program vividly demonstrates our commitment to promoting access, quality and efficiency of health services for the world’s neediest people," said Caroline Roan, president of the Pfizer Foundation and vice-president of Corporate Social Responsibility.

She added that the scheme demonstrated how pharmaceutical firms can change the world for the better by working with their shareholders to introduce schemes such as the GHP.

The programme is run on a voluntary basis and works by pairing colleagues from technical and functional areas from across the company to strengthen healthcare for those in need.

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