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17 Aug 2017

Pfizer to adopt Orion cloud platform for computational chemistry

Orion's workflow tools will help Pfizer's efforts to deliver potential breakthrough therapies for patients.

OpenEye Scientific Software has entered into an agreement with Pfizer to provide Orion, OpenEye's new cloud platform, to the company's Medicinal Sciences division. Orion will equip chemists with all of OpenEye's software, extensive tools for data visualization and communication, useful data sources and customizable, task-oriented workflows, all in a robust, scalable, cloud environment.

"We believe that Orion has the potential to revolutionize how computation is delivered to the pharmaceutical industry," said Dr Anthony Nicholls, CEO and founder of OpenEye Scientific Software. "Orion marries the immense resource of cloud computing services, with our insights, science and tools from two decades of helping customers. It continues and expands our tradition of computing at scale, reliable, predictive science and facilitating local innovation. As an open, collaborative platform for both industry and academia we think it can enhance the drug discovery process."

"We look forward to implementing Orion's workflow tools to help our efforts to deliver potential breakthrough therapies for patients," said Enoch Huang, Executive Director of Computational Sciences at Pfizer

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