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23 Dec 2013

Pharma's Prescription: How the Right Technology Can Save the Pharmaceutical Business

Elsevier Inc has recently published "Pharma's Prescription: How the Right Technology Can Save the Pharmaceutical Business" — a new book by Kamal Biswas.


The book offers practical examples that can be used daily to solve industry problems or bring in new capabilities with information technology solutions:


• Focuses on practical solutions that are easily incorporated in your day-to-day work
• Integrates business operations and information technology
• Highlights the industry's top turn-around stories
• Discusses pharmaceutical industry trends, growth opportunities, innovation drivers, regulatory complexities, and emerging market operations.


The book is ideal for
• Newbies to the pharmaceutical industry who need a quick industry overview
• Specialists who want to expand their knowledge to other business areas
• Information technologists starting a project with pharmaceutical business leaders
• Executives who want to use technology to improve their businesses
• Anyone wanting to refine their knowledge about transformation project management.


A copy of the book can be obtained from


The amazon link is Pharma'sPrescription


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