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10 Dec 2012

Pharmaceutical regulatory affairs teams continue to increase budgets

Pharmaceutical companies of all sizes have been allocating more resources to their regulatory affairs teams.

Pharmaceutical companies have continued to boost the budgets allocated to their regulatory affairs teams, despite making overall spending cuts, a study suggests.

Cutting Edge Information's latest study, entitled 'Regulatory Affairs: Safeguarding Submission Success and Product Development Strategy', looks at the greater priority that has been placed on regulatory affairs.

According to the report, these teams have largely bucked the trend of budget cuts and experienced a consistent increase in their financial allocations since 2006.

Smaller companies have been particularly focused on their regulatory affairs teams, typically increasing their budgets by nearly 50 per cent.

However, pharmaceutical companies of all sizes have increased spending in this area in recent years.
Ryan McGuire, research team leader at Cutting Edge Information, said: "This type of sizeable budgetary increase reflects the high value that the industry is placing on navigating a complicated, global regulatory landscape."

He revealed that on average, regulatory affairs teams in the top 20 pharmaceutical companies have recently experienced budget growth in excess of $5 million.

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