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9 Jan 2013

Plasma exchange award to encourage research

New grant to encourage plasma transfer research

Firms interested in developing a greater understanding of the use of plasma exchange, or plasmapheresis, are being advised to get in touch with Terumo BCT, as the company is looking to award a $100,000 (£62,490) grant to the right organisation.

The Plasma Exchange Innovation Award (PEIA) is intended to encourage research companies to take a different approach in creating new technologies designed to help the pharmaceutical industry.
Firms capable of working in the neurology, nephrology, immunology, hematology or other fields of medicine are invited to submit their expression of interest by April 29th, with applications to be reviewed by Terumo's grant committee.

"Terumo BCT is excited to continue offering support to physicians, researchers and clinicians pursuing investigative studies that may offer a better understanding of the efficacy and use of plasma exchange," said Matthew Trifilo, director of medical affairs.

The company is also considering breaking up the lump sum into smaller funds if multiple organisations prove convincing in their applications.

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