PolarDry® Electrostatic Spray Dryer

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Making Spray Dry COOL! Introducing the Future of Spray Dry & Microencapsulation.  The patent-pending PolarDry® Electrostatic Spray Dryer utilizes revolutionary electrostatic technology which drives water to the shell and active to the core, lowering the evaporation temperature and eliminating active ingredient loss, degradation, or denaturalization. Harnessing the electrostatic effect, the dispersed active driven into the core is microencapsulated, virtually eliminating surface active, resulting in stunning encapsulation efficiency.
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Categories Contract Services - Pre Clinical Trials, Clinical Trials Stages 1-4, CRO, Clinical DataPharmacodynamics; Finished Dosage FormsSprays
Sales markets Asia; North America; Central/South America
Supplied from India

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PolarDry® Electrostatic Spray Dryer

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