19 Apr 2023

Polpharma API CDMO offer

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Polpharma API CDMO (Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization) supports emerging and large pharmaceutical customers in the development and commercialization of their small-molecule APIs clinical candidates thanks to +70 years of experience in process development, scale-up, and cGMP manufacturing of small molecule APIs in volumes ranging from kilos to tens of tons.

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    This year at CPHI Barcelona (24–26 October, 2023) we sat down with C-suite executives and HR professionals to discuss the looming talent crisis in the pharmaceutical industry. With hybrid working persisting post-pandemic and a growing skills gap, how can the pharmaceutical supply chain adjust to a changing labour force? 
  • Brochure API Product List 2024

    We manufacture our products by following our customers' and health authorities' most stringent requirements. DMF documentation for all our products is prepared in accordance with the latest requirements of EDQM (CEP), ICH (EuDMF, CTD), and FDA (US DMF). Material and product testing is performed in line with the European and United States Pharmacopeias.
  • News KiloLab Laboratory: strategic milestone achieved!

    KiloLab Laboratory – a development and production in a kilogram scale – has been launched, according to Polpharma API development strategy adopted in 2021.
  • Whitepaper Safe approach in delivering nitrosamine-free API products

    In July 2018, the pharmaceutical industry was shaken when nitrosamine impurities were detected in human medicines, leading to recalls of several batches of high blood pressure and heart failure med valsartan. Investigations by health authorities and drug companies revealed that nitrosamines are generated during the synthesis of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). Read our safe approach in delivering nitrosamine-free at Polpharma API products.

    Karina Boszko, head of API Regulatory Affairs and Customer Technical Support Department, explains how we at Polpharma undertake this challenge.

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  • Whitepaper POLPHARMA API: Why particles size is important in pharmaceutical industry and how to get the required particle size?

    In the pharmaceutical industry, particle size has become one of the key aspects inthe development of the active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and qualitycontrol of solid oral dosage forms. The physicochemical and biopharmaceutical properties of biologically active substance can be highlyaffected by crystal size and its distribution (CSD), also called as particle size distribution (PSD). According to thelatest scientific reports, it is estimated that almost 80% of new promising molecules having biological activity are rejected during the research and development process due to the low water solubility what is strongly related tothe bioavailability and release of the drug. Polpharma API has many years of experience in delivering APIs with the right particles size distribution through crystallization, milling/micronization, vibration sieving or other technologies. Learn more from our experts!

    Recent investments in Polpharma API’ capabilities will support a strategic move into complex API development and manufacturing for CDMO partners and generics companies worldwide, empowering the global supply chain.Visit us and learn how Polpharma API enters into a strategic transformation process that aims to invest in new capabilities and technologies like high containment or cryogenic to be fully implemented by 2026. However, our production capacity will increase significantly already from mid-2023!

    Would like to meet our representatives and learn more, please contact us today: [email protected][email protected]
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    Check out how we can create business value together in the whole pharmaceutical value chain, including API, B2B, commercial partnerships and other forms of collaboration. In the video: Markus Sieger, CEO of Polpharma Group, David Gonzalez, Commercial Director of API Business Unit, Mieczyslaw Starkowicz, Head of B2B Venture and Simon Clark, Commercial Director for Polpharma Group and strategic partners.