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20 Jun 2017

QuVa Pharma announces availability of sodium bicarbonate syringe

Compounded Sodium Bicarbonate PF 8.4% 50mEq per syringe is expected to help alleviate chronic drug shortage impacting the nation's hospitals.

It has been widely reported in the national press that there is a nation-wide shortage of pharmaceutical quality sodium bicarbonate available to hospitals. A shortage of the antacid is prompting healthcare providers to carefully prioritize procedures, delay some operations or choose alternative treatments. This shortage is expected to persist to some degree for a number of months.

QuVa Pharma has advised that it has supplies of Sodium Bicarbonate PF 8.4% (1mEq/mL) 50mL in a syringe (50mEq per syringe) available. QuVa is currently supplying this product to existing customers and welcomes new enquiries.

With deep aseptic pharmaceutical manufacturing experience, QuVa specializes in critical drug shortage products. The sodium bicarbonate compounded by QuVa is sourced from a US-made and FDA-approved manufacturer, and joins a range of critical shortage products including Calcium Chloride, Potassium Phosphate, and Rocuronium all compounded from FDA approved starting material. All product sold is accompanied by a Certificate of Analysis verifying sterility, and product specifications.

"It is important in times of drug shortage that we are able to offer high quality solutions for our customers and provide reliable, pertinent, and cost-effective product for them to continue quality care to their patients," said Stuart Hinchen, QuVa Pharma's co-founder and CEO. "We are able to maintain the industry leading quality standards of our products by only sourcing product from FDA approved suppliers of the starting material. This lifts the burden off the hospitals to find their own solutions without the same level of supplier knowledge and product development controls that we have. Patients need solutions in drug shortage situations, and we aim to be there for them."

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