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RayDyLyo® is a new standard for vial capping. Alternative solution to aluminum crimped cap, RayDyLyo® is a patented range of plastic press-fit closures, solving long-standing issues in aseptic production from the capping process and from cosmetic defects. RayDyLyo® is a breakthrough innovation, which simplifies the capping process for liquid fill and lyophilized products. Manufacturing complexity is reduced as the stopper and cap come pre-assembled and do not require separate operations to apply them. The elimination of the crimping operation makes possible to use of RayDyLyo® in closed systems, isolators and RABS. Capping is achieved by the application of simple vertical pressure manually or automatically. Available in bulk or in nests, RayDyLyo makes the filling and capping of nested vials without the need to denest possible. On line, a single bowl feeder is necessary to distribute the RayDyLyo cap, which makes the process simpler and saves floor space in the clean room compared to a conventional line. The RayDyLyo® range is also a great product differentiator with the 11 standard colors available for the flip off cap. To protect against tampering, once the cap has been flipped off it is impossible to refit it. The closure has tamper evident features that clearly show when it has been opened and the way it attaches to the vial makes impossible to remove the cap without causing visible damages. RayDyLyo® is a relevant packaging solution suitable for clinical trials, small and commercial batches.
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Categories Pharmaceutical PackagingClosures; Pharmaceutical PackagingPrimary Packaging; Pharmaceutical Packaging
Sales markets Western Europe; Eastern Europe; Middle East; Asia; North America; Africa
Supplied from France
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