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Pharmaceutical innovation in the India region

A first-of-its-kind study paints a vivid picture of the North America region’s future

The America’s region has been a strong contributor to the pharmaceutical industry’s global market growth for several years. Can such growth be sustained? And to what extent will it be driven by innovation? While various studies have examined innovation more broadly – at the global level and/or with a methodology applicable to multiple industries – none has been sufficiently focused to paint a vivid picture of the America’s region’s future.

The following fresh perspective on innovation in the pharma market is excerpted from a data-driven analysis that ranked companies on their degree of innovation, using a methodology expressly developed for less mature markets. There is no agreed-upon definition of what constitutes innovation in the pharmaceutical industry and there is no accepted surrogate marker for it. Even the most general definition of innovation (the creation of a new good or service that generates value) is not easily applied. How is ‘newness’ defined? How is the value of a therapy measured?

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