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5 Jun 2013

Results of Next Wave brain stimulation device trial unveiled

The Next Wave approach improved patients' total field of vision by 24 per cent.

EBS Technologies GmbH has unveiled the results of a clinical trial involving its innovative Next Wave brain stimulation device.

The medical aid is designed to promote activity in the brain which addresses vision disorders caused by medical conditions.

Stroke, which affects approximately 15 million people worldwide each year, is a major cause of these optical issues.

In order to determine the device's efficacy, researchers recruited 82 patients in an experiment who had exhausted all possible treatment options when it came to their long-term visual problems.

Half were exposed to a 40-minute Next Wave treatment for ten consecutive days, while the other volunteers acted as a control and underwent no brain stimulation therapy.

Analysis and comparison of results in each cohort showed that the total visual field of Next Wave patients was superior to their counterparts, with an average improvement of 24 per cent.

EBS chief executive Ulf Pommerening said: "“There is a huge unmet clinical need for the treatment of vision impairment caused by a variety of different neurological disorders."

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