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15 Jan 2016

Snapshot of innovations in R&D targeting key applications of drug delivery technologies

Oral Route, pulmonary, topical, implantable, injectable, transdermal and transmucosal route analysis.

Research and Markets ( has added the "Novel Applications of Drug Delivery Technologies (TechVision)" report to their offering.

The drug delivery market has witnessed immense growth in the last decade due to the penetration of drug delivery technologies in varied applications ranging from medicine to cosmetics. Increasing presence of technology manufacturers, rise in demand for novel products to deliver drugs and a diverse portfolio of technologies from key stakeholders combined with newer licensing agreements and partnerships has resulted in a steady growth of this market.

The research study covers the market share assessment of the most common routes of drug administration that range from oral route of administration to most recent developments in transdermal drug delivery. Key market drivers and challenges section details the factors that are likely to hold key in the success of drug delivery systems across various industries apart from medicine.

The research study further details the adoption of these technologies in regions of North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific, explaining the likelihood of adoption of individual routes of administration in these regions. A number of medical and non-medical applications have been presented that also include key innovators in these segments. Finally, a number of technology management strategies and an emerging technology road map has been set forth to explore the opportunity evaluation in this market.

  • Targeted delivery is crucial for drugs that target specific sites in the human body. Drugs used to target cancer can destroy adjoining cells and might also be destroyed by the body's self-action against the drugs. Hence, targeted delivery can ensure the drug reaches the diseased area intactto perform its intended action. - Smart delivery forms the basis for a range of cosmetic products that employ drug delivery formulations. With special emphasis on nanogels, nanoemulsions, and nano-sized particles, manufacturers are looking at formulations that can deliver the active ingredient through the skin with utmost ease and external support.
  • Versatility is a key focus for manufacturers and technology developers as most of them are aiming to develop formulations that can be utilized across industries. Developing an industry-specific formulation has seen a shift as developing cross-industry formulations is more cost-effective and stands a higher chance of getting commercialized. - Generations of technologies that have been employed in previous products are now being scaled up to maximize their utilization and employ them across industries such as veterinary medicine and cosmetics apart from the conventional medical applications of oncology and cardiovascular applications. - Cost is one of the major reasons for majority of the manufacturers to venture into novel drug delivery formulations that are convenient to develop, easy to employ, and most importantly, be utilized in specific applications due to their compact size.
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