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8 Aug 2013

Software Suite Aids in Drug Discovery

A computer aided drug development suite, SYBYL-X, has been upgraded.

The software suite, released by provider and scientific consulting service Centara, can be used for molecular modelling and simulation. Equipped with a range of computer tools, it can aid in drug design and molecular discovery projects.

Version 2.1 comes with a job control system, which allows researchers to submit projects remotely to computers where SYBYL-X is installed. Users of SYBYL-X can also access the Molecular Data Explorer Surflex-Dock CScore Protein Viewer, which has also been upgraded to allow users to save molecular structures to a database or export the files, along with relevant data to accompany it.

Lead scientist and product manager of SYBYL-X at Certara Dr Brian Masek said: "Clients asked us to improve SYBYL-X job control and make our QSAR technology more easily available for inclusion in external workflows. We are confident they will be pleased with the results."

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