11 Jan 2023

UniSafe – Bringing safety devices into the 21st century

This webinar originally aired as part of CPHI Discover - 17-28 May 2021

Introduction to Owen Mumford Pharma Services, a global leader in drug delivery systems. Discussion points will be:
  • Business Development Team Introduction
  • Addressing future market trends for injectable drug delivery
  • UniSafe 1 mL-a Spring-Free passive safety device for pre-filled syringes
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      We interview the winners of the Pharmapack Europe Awards 2023, which were held at Pharmapack in Paris. The winners, chosen by a jury, each developed an innovative solution in the categories of Drug Delivery Innovation, Packaging Innovation, Sustainability Initiative, Eco-Design, and Patient-Centric Design. 
    • Video Simplified, Smart, Sustainable Drug Delivery

      In recent years there are several market trends which are influencing the design of drug delivery devices. The shift to patient care outside the traditional healthcare setting, accelerated by the pandemic, has led to an increase in patient self- treatment. This has also resulted in the need for connected drug delivery devices to enable remote patient monitoring and transfer of key medication data to healthcare providers. The data collected allows healthcare practitioners to both check levels of medication adherence and also provide the necessary interventions to help improve patient compliance. Another key influence is the growing importance of sustainability and the need to reduce the environmental impact of single-use devices.
      This presentation will show how the UniSafe® reusable Auto-injector addresses these challenges by providing simplified, mechanical drug delivery with the option of added connectivity features. The reusable design also helps to reduces waste and environmental impact.
    • Webinar Sustainable Design, Myth and Reality

      Drug development, particularly of biologics can be expensive and run over several years. One of the challenges for formulation and clinical development teams is identifying devices for use in early formulation and clinical studies, where the performance characteristics and clinical safety are being assessed, without the device negatively influencing the results. Having a device platform that can be introduced into the formulation and clinical development as early as necessary with minimal impact on development timelines could go along way to simplifying the product development cycle.