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6 Oct 2019

VIO Chemicals opens a new representative office in India

We have expanded our network of operations to deliver even more flexible solutions in strategic sourcing and manufacturing services for our customers' needs.

With our new representative office in Vadodara, India, we aim to meet the increasing customer demand for flexibility in supply chain solutions. The office will be led by Dr. Vaibhav Valodkar.

Flexibility in supply chain has become a top priority for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Factors such as availability of materials, minimized costs, maximum delivery performance and volume flexibility and responsiveness are critical value drivers in today’s market.

“Our focus is on our customers. By investing in a dedicated office in the Indian market, we expand our suite of flexible and competitive solutions in terms of materials, quality and price, and ensure a reliable, robust and transparent network of suppliers and manufacturing partners”, said Dimitris Kalias, VIO Chemicals CEO and founder.

“You can’t build strong collaborations without having local expertise. Therefore, we are very excited to have Vaibhav in our team”, added Kalias. Over his 20 years of experience in project management, third-party contract manufacturing and sourcing, Vaibhav has built lifelong partnerships and has great inside knowledge of the Indian market.

The new office complements the existing, long-established network of VIO Chemicals in Asia. Together with its representative office in Nanjing, China, this investment raises VIO Chemicals’ capacity to create complete solutions for leading industries.

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